We Desire to be a People Who...

Remember our need for Jesus

We are committed to embracing, proclaiming, and applying the Gospel, as it is central to all things and informs all situations. We need Him at the point of salvation, and we continue to need His saving power throughout life.

Treasure God’s Word

We hold Scripture in the highest regard and desire to be life-long learners who spend time reading, studying, applying, and sharing what God has revealed in its pages. We look to the Bible to inform our beliefs, define our worldview, and propel us in our spiritual growth.

Make prayer a priority

Prayer must saturate everything we do. Desiring to depend on God’s Spirit to lead us, we want to humbly and earnestly seek God on how to function as a local church.

Encourage the next step

In our desire to create a culture where people continually grow in their relationship with and commitment to Christ, we are committed to lighting the path forward for each individual.

Take the low place

Looking to Jesus as our example, when we ask the question “Am I seeking to be served or to serve?” it should lead us to walk in a humble manner where we consider others as more significant than ourselves.

Relate as a family

We are committed to resting in our identity as adopted children of God, living as a family who is cared for by Him and, in turn, we care for others.  This means encouraging one another in our faith journey and caring for each other as a biblical community.