Disciple Groups

Disciple Group FAQ's

Why join a Disciple Group?

Disciple groups are the best way to surround yourself with other followers of Jesus Christ as you learn to be a disciple who makes other disciples. Disciple groups will meet in homes throughout the community to study the Bible, pray, deepen their relationship with others, and grow in their relationship with Jesus.

Do I have to attend Vertical to be a part of a Disciple Group?

Nope!  But, our hope for Disciple Groups is that there would be a level of community that is developed that you would want to connect with what God is doing in our midst.  So, while you don’t have to be a part of Vertical Church, it would certainly enhance the experience as you grow in your relationship with Jesus and with other followers of His who call Vertical home.

Do Disciple Groups have childcare?

There are a few options that will be available for childcare. You can hire your own sitter and come to the Disciple Group without the kids.  Some groups hire a sitter where the families with kids split the cost.  Then there are some groups that have kids old enough to come and be a part of the group or sit in another room and read or watch a movie on their tablet.

How often to Disciple Groups meet?

We will operate in the mode of three weeks on, one week off.  During the off weeks this fall, we hope to launch new groups so keep an eye out!